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About Me


My approach to yoga is less as something outside of ourselves that we ‘do’, so much as something already within us that we have to make the effort to consciously connect with.


This connection has served me in different ways at different times. When I first began to practice I was unemployed, heartbroken and living in a garden shed. The only routine I had in place was the 20 rounds of sun salutations that a friend had taught me. They didn’t require equipment, I didn’t have to go outside, and those 30 minutes of moving with my breath were a lifeline that kept me connected to my body and not completely overwhelmed by what was going on in my head.

Since then I’ve explored, practiced and studied several different forms of yoga, and have taught primarily vinyasa and restorative classes for the past 5 years. A consistent yoga practice hasn’t (yet) resulted in the ability to effortlessly float into handstand, but it has rewarded me with a much greater degree of strength, compassion, resilience, flexibility and awareness, in both body and mind.

My intention as a teacher is to help you to develop a yoga practice that is safe and sustainable whilst also offering opportunities to reach, learn and grow. I currently teach public classes in person and online in vinyasa and restorative yoga, as well as offering one-to-one and private group sessions.


If you can get yourself to a class, your mat or simply a space with the intention to practice, you can do yoga. The hardest bit is showing up. Beyond that you already have everything that you need - your body, your breath, and the will to proceed.


Everything is waiting for you.

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