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"A voracious reader from a young age, I’ve always been interested in what it is to be human. Through studying literature and creative writing, I came to recognise the power of narrative."


How we write ourselves, how our stories are written for us and what is written into us are all up for challenge and debate. We have more choice in how we are than we often realise’ 


It was a desire to write by the sea that first brought me to Cornwall. I completed my degree in English with Creative Writing in 2008 with Falmouth University, and have successfully combined my ongoing reverence for the written word with yoga, by leading workshops that explore the practice of journaling with restorative yoga as a means of self-regulation and insightful contemplation.


Writing is another practice that informs and reflects my yoga. The ability to create, curate and bring order and structure to a narrative can be a powerful way to assert agency in your own ‘story’. This same discipline can be found on the yoga mat, resulting in a similar sense of empowerment. It can be equally powerful to disrupt narrative, be playful with it, throw out form and convention, subvert, create something new from something old on the page. And again, this you can find in yogaland, fostering an open curiosity, responding to the body’s intelligence, creating your own cosmic dance. Both are spaces with the potential for transformation, for rewriting or perhaps uncovering what has been written over, giving voice to what has been silenced.


Until now I’ve not been brave enough to share much of my writing in public, so this is the space I’m creating for that particular exploration.

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